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Code of Conduct

There are a few rules that you need to follow when you sign up and engage with content on These rules and guidelines are made in the best spirit of digital citizenship. Make sure to follow them not only here on this site, but also anywhere that you are engaging with the LBP community.

Please remember that these rules are evolving and may change. We will send updates via our blog about major changes to the Code of Conduct. 

1. Be excellent to one another. 

Digital citizenship is about respect. We must treat eachother with the same respect that we would want to be treated, regardless of differences of opinion or beliefs. In other words, be excellent to one another. Do not express hateful, offensive, or violent ideologies. 

If you see someone not showing you or someone else the respect that they deserve, do your best to refrain from responding bitterly. Talk to LBP Union website staff and we'll do what we can to resolve the situation. The more you respond negatively to others who are unkind, the more it will escalate. 

To be absolutely clear, the following activities are unacceptable in the LBP Union: 

  • Harassment

  • Bullying

  • Hazing

  • Doxing

  • Incitement of violence

  • Offensive phrases and material

  • Spam

2. Be mindful of attribution.

What is attribution? Attribution is when you give credit for someone else's work. If you use someone else's creation, whether it be text, an image, a video, or something else, you should always make an effort to list the author or authors of the work. Do not claim content you did not create as your own. Leave a note somewhere explaining where you got the work. Get permission to use it, especially if it is something like the banner of your group's homepage or used in some kind of official context. 

Also, be mindful of copyrighted materials. Even if you reference the source of an image, video, text, or something else, if it's protected by certain copyright rules we cannot host it on the site and it will be removed.

We do not allow any of the following in the LBP Union:

  • Plagiarism/theft.

  • Posting content without attribution.


 3. It's not a competition. Mostly! 

In the past, LittleBigPlanet clans have taken competition a bit too far! If you've been around long enough, you may remember a time when groups of players would fight 'wars' with one another which were mostly just petty squabbles with one another. It's important that we avoid that situation here in the LBP Union.

However, competition can be healthy. It's a great motivator and when used appropriately can be great for pushing ourselves farther than we could otherwise. Be mindful that we are all on the same team: we love LittleBigPlanet! Don't let competition make you lose sight of that. 

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