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LBP Union Discord Nitro Perks

Earn rewards for supporting our Discord server! Here are some of the perks that you can get by boosting us with Discord Nitro.


  1. Gain a badge on our forum to let others know that you are supporting our Discord server. This badge appears next to all of your forum posts and also on your profile page. 

  2. Discord Nitro Boosters on the LBP Union Discord server gain the ability to create Discord Threads in all channels. We encourage you to use these to stir up conversations about your favorite topics! 

  3. Nitro Boosters gain a different colored role to let everyone know that you are supporting our server! 

  4. When you boost our server, you can get access to 💙5,000 weekly Silver Hearts bonus, our server currency which can be used to unlock special rewards and trade items with other users. 

  5. Exclusive ID card (coming soon)

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