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Discord Moderation Help

We're here to help if you need assistance with moderation in the LBP Union Discord server community. If you see something that needs to be reported or you would like to appeal action taken against you, we're here to listen. 

Report a Concern

To report a concern you have about activity in the LBP Union Discord server, please reach out to an online Peacekeeper via DM's. You can also use the following command, 

/report [details of your report]

We appreciate the following information when dealing with cases, 

  • Links to concerning messages

  • Usernames and User IDs of users involved

  • Any screenshots you might have. 

Appeal Moderation Action

There are some select circumstances where you can appeal moderation action. Some examples are, 

  • Your account was compromised in a phishing scam, but you have regained control of the account, enabled dual factor authentication, as well as changed your password for both your Discord account and your email address. You have also removed all suspicious connections to your Discord account in your settings.

  • If you believe that we took action against you wrongly, you can request a review. We may provide you with your punishment history and attached evidence as long as we are able.

You can appeal moderation action via the form below. 

Moderation Appeals

If you have regained control over your account after it was compromised or believe we have taken action against you wrongly, please use our contact form.

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