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LBP Union Discord


Connect with the community, talk about your favorite levels, share your newest projects, and collaborate with others: come hang out with us in our Discord server! 

The LBP Union's Discord Server is our official LittleBigPlanet instant messaging and voice chat community. Join today to attend events, share creations with others, find new people to play LBP with, and see the status of the servers!

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Get LBP Server Status Updates

Get push notifications for LittleBigPlanet Server Status updates from our Discord server. Opt out at any time. 

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We strive to provide the best LittleBigPlanet Discord experience possible. Our core tenets are,




Our server is a place for fast-paced discussion about the LBP community, as well as a platform for voice chat and streaming. 

Looking to get involved with the community? We are looking for dedicated fans looking to become part of our team!


Crafting the Best LittleBigPlanet Discord Experience

Cultivating a positive, engaging, and safe community is not an easy task. Discord is an entirely different challenge from those that we have faced in the past. With instant messaging and voice discussion, moderation is more difficult. Yet, despite that, moderation quality is expected to be higher. At the LBP Union's Discord server, our goal is to exceed those expectations and provide an experience that allows people ot focus on what matters to them: LittleBigPlanet! 

When you join our server, we want you to feel welcome. Our team makes an effort to welcome everyone to the server. If you are ever feeling lost or confused, we are here to help. Just ask, or check out our #welcome channel to see a list of rules and resources. 

Interacting with moderation staff can be a little intimidating sometimes. We encourage you to reach out and get suggestions from our Pathfinder team. Unlike our Peacekeeper moderator team, Pathfinders do not have moderator powers. Their main goal is to help guide you to the resources and correct channels that you need as well as answer any questions that you may have. They also help run community events. 

Our objective is to only use moderation when it is absolutely necessary. We first always try to resolve incidents through prevention. By cultivating a positive and healthy community free of harassment and hate, we can focus on enjoying this LittleBigPlanet Discord community. 

We have an awesome selection of Discord bots like Unbelievaboat and our very own bot, Agent Washington, which automatically checks the status of the LittleBigPlanet game server. 

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