LittleBigLiberty is a Discord server with the goal of unifying the LittleBigPlanet community! It also hosts a small custom LittleBigPlanet server.

Owner: Minarc and R3Skako

Member Count: 13


Here are some of the rules that we’re aware of that this community has in place. You must follow these rules in order to avoid moderation action. Rules indicated with a star are required in order for the community to be listed on the LBP Union’s Discord Directory.


This server has rules in place requiring you to be respectful to others.


This server enforces user privacy. You may not share personally identifying information about others (doxing), and sharing your own personal information is discouraged.


This server bans ‘not safe for work’ content such as pornographic or excessively violent material.

This community does not tolerate piracy or illegal activity.


Here are some various policies that may affect your membership with this community.

[No Policies Available]

LittleBigLiberty is a small community run by Minarc.