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LBP Union Ministry of Inspiration

Cultivating & Curating Creativity

The LBP Union Ministry of Inspiration's objective is to cultivate and curate the creativity of the community.

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First known as the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, the department was founded in 2013 with the 'refoundation' of the Union. Its goal then was to help with the development of the various 'member states' of the Union, event programming, and development of Union levels. However, since then, this ministry has changed to focus on the development of the Union itself and helping the whole community. 

Some notable former Union Domestic Affairs ministers were Spleentastik and Glass-_-Crane. Spleentastik was the leader of the Order of Chaos in 2014 and hosted the first LittleBigPlanet Union Swordfighting Tournament. Glass-_-Crane founded the Master Creators Society, a group dedicated to mentoring creators in the game's create mode in 2015. 

The Inspiration Ministry is focused on helping creators in the community learn how to unlock their potential. It also is focused on developing the Union's outreach through level design, blog posts, and more. 

Minister of Inspiration

The Minister of Inspiration will help strategize and execute plans to empower the community to create in LittleBigPlanet.The Minister of Domestic Affairs will have a deep understanding of the creative tools LittleBigPlanet has to offer. They will recognize the potential that others have to create and know how to help them unlock that potential. 

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