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Quality over quantity has always been one of the core tenets of the LBP Union. However, we understand that in order to achieve this objective, we have to pass on the expertise that we have with others. If we don't we restrict that knowledge to a select few. In this case, any valuable skills might be forgotten forever. To help with this, we've chosen to expand our team to include a new role: Scribes. This new role addresses important parts of our objective: creative education and content creation. We need to pass on what we have learned to the community, and we also need to create content to continue to share our mission with the community. Scribes are members in training to learn more about how to create in LittleBigPlanet as well as contribute to our projects. They are specialized content creators who work toward advancing our goals and learn more about their craft along the way. Let's talk about what Scribes do and how they help us achieve our goal of bringing the community together.

Scribes: LittleBigPlanet Union Content Creator Team

Scribes are members of our team focused on content creation. However, instead of mainly focusing on being productive they are driven by self-improvement. Due to this, it may be wise to consider the Scribe program as being a sort of internship. We emphasize learning by doing and give constructive feedback on projects produced by our Scribes. To do this, Scribes choose to specialize in a particular area. Our specializations include,

  • Visual & Level Design

  • Scenery

  • Levels

  • Textures

  • Visual Assets

  • Characters/Outfits

  • Props

  • Vehicles

  • Digital Media

  • Music

  • Art

  • Video Editing

  • Writing

Visual & Level Design

One of the best parts about LittleBigPlanet is its create mode. Why not make the most of it? One of the primary focuses of our Scribe program is to help others learn how to use LBP's create mode. Although we are working on creative guides for our website for the general community to benefit from, we understand that a hands-on experience can be more helpful than a tutorial alone. The Scribe program can not only help people learn more about create mode, but also give them an outlet to contribute toward making their community a better place.

Scribes who create Union content can get approval to publish official Union levels that can be listed on our website for other users to find. They can also get their creations featured and credited by the LBP Union's social media.

Visual Assets

Creating entire levels isn't for everyone. Sometimes our forte includes creating smaller assets like costumes, characters, vehicles, small buildings, models, and more. We encourage those with any kind of niche to become a Scribe to contribute their skills to a larger cause. Props, characters, vehicles, and buildings can be extremely beneficial for any project.

Digital Media

Although we all love LittleBigPlanet, not all of us are as focused on visual development in create mode. Music is another area of talent that can be difficult to break into but is extremely beneficial for any kind of level, movie, or other kind of content. The LBP Union Scribe program hopes to cultivate Digital art outside of LBP is another area we support. Although LBP's create mode is useful, it isn't the only medium for which to express yourself. We welcome artists who would like to contribute and gain feedback about their work to become Scribes.

Writing is also an important part of the team. As you may know by now, news posts are a huge part of our website and they reach thousands of people each week. In addition, we support creative writing as well as it can be fun, enriching, and also can be helpful for things like story scripts, video dialogues, and more. We are also open to expanding the program into translation to make our content more accessible to a wider audience.

Dialogue: Getting Constructive Feedback

We do not create content in a vacuum. One of the most important parts of the LBP Union Scribe program is the feedback that Scribes get from their colleagues. We hold regular meetings so that Scribes can share what they have created and share feedback with their peers. Constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn how to improve. By having a dialogue about our projects, we can all work together to better our skills.

Scribe Ranks: Gauging Improvement

The LBP Union Scribes have a ranking system to help measure improvement and reward Scribes for their service,

  1. Initiate

  2. Apprentice

  3. Scribe

  4. Senior Scribe

  5. Head Scribe

Scribes are initially recruited as initiates. This is an introductory period to see if they are still interested in the position. We don’t want to pressure anyone into a position that they don’t want. For example, they may feel more comfortable as a Pathfinder. During this phase they can see more about how the team works and choose a focus to start with. After that, Apprentice Scribes are mainly focused on learning how to hone their skills. They may not be the primary content creators for the Union, but we care a lot about improving their abilities and helping them understand the Union's distinct style. By cultivating quality over quantity, we can better reach areas of the community and pass on the skills that we have to ensure that they are not forgotten.

Full Scribes are our primary content creators. They help create content for official levels, blog posts, and other parts of the Union. They are a close part of our team because in order for them to be successful in their work they need to be a close part of our team. They need to deeply understand our objectives and desires. They need to know how to reproduce our specific design requirements to make sure that content looks uniform. Senior Scribes are leaders of the program that help teach everyone in the process. They are skilled creators who can help teach others how to improve. They are not elitist creators, they are teachers willing to share.

In charge of the program, the Head Scribe is responsible for guiding the whole program in the right direction. The Head Scribe works closely with Union leadership to work toward the Union's objectives and keeps the Scribe team on task. The Head Scribe plans projects and develops strategies to achieve the Union's goals.

Bettering Ourselves and Others: Learning by Doing

One of the core tenets of the LBP Union Scribe Program is learning by doing. Just as an internship helps people gain experience in a career field, the LBP Union Scribe Program aims to help you improve your skills for your own projects. What you learn as a Scribe can be applied to your own personal projects. Perhaps more importantly, learning skills from the LBP Union Scribe program enables you to pass those skills off to others to help others learn how to create better as well.

Be Part of Something Greater

Most importantly, when we work together as a team, we can create things that are better than the sum of our parts. Our Scribe team works together on projects to make things bigger and better than we could on our own. Working together on projects in this way can be extremely challenging and is a skill that anyone can and should learn.

Regardless of your experience, joining our Scribe team is a great way to learn more about creating and contribute to your community. Whether you like to create levels, objects, costumes, art, or write, the Scribe program can help you give back to the community while improving your skills as well! Apply today by clicking the button below!


Moving forward, we will be introducing several new roles to our team that you can apply for. These include Consuls, Special Agents, and Engineers. We intend to cover these in greater detail after a press conference video is published on Union Day, Friday August 27th. We also plan on releasing an article soon discussing our moderation team, the Peacekeepers.

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