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The Truth About the LBP Union! Special Report by The Daily Differ.Net!

This post returns to! The name ' is a reference to Differ_o09 and is used with permission.

Greetings, you information consumers from afar! This is founder and CEO of, Thaddeus Thompson Thaddeus here to fill the blue skies of the long-lasting political LBP Union with the green symbol of JUSTICE and HEROISM!

For those who don’t know, is an Australian news organization in the totally non-fictional CRAFTINGTON CITY, founded by me and my good friend, Dexter Hoffman in 2003. And before you say “LittleBigPlanet didn’t exist back then”, who CARES!? You’re now in the world of the news broadcasting geniuses of the Daily Differ, so if anyone should be spitting FACTS, it’s US!

Thanks to the development of the Differ Daily organization, me and Hoffman were able to create a news broadcasting empire here at our headquarters, Studios! The rest of our employees include Sweddie Swock, our expert journalist in literature who occasionally likes to use big words. Wish I could say the same about Haven D. Strode, our other journalist, who isn’t as sharp-minded as Swock. I’m betting money his unspecified middle name is “Doofus”. Then there’s our reporter, June Narled, and our Intern, Bethany Brant!

If you think this company is a spoof on the Spider-Menace tabloid, The Daily Bugle, go outside and touch some grass! It’s green and good for your health! Did you know that green is my favorite color because it symbolizes heroes? You didn’t? Wow bro, do you even pay attention to the NEWS!? Red is a color of villainy! Anyone who brings up the color red, I will find you!

Now, you may be wondering what I’m planning on doing as part of this collaboration with the superior Michael Youngling, head of the Imagisphere Politics Organization you call the LBP Union. Well, as I have had the Differ since 2003, I apparently was around long enough to see what LBP Union had created. LBP Union was created 2 years after my parents were murdered. And I still find it disappointing that I had to report their death, it was just SO unfair for me!

But I digress, I need to go back to the more newsworthy topic now. Like I was saying, LBP Union has been around for many years, but after spending most of my time outside of news broadcasts looking at their website, it’s pretty clear that LBP Union is NOT perfect! Sorry to disappoint you, Michael, but you’ve got a serious issue with keeping up on the LATEST NEWS! LBP Union took WEEKS to talk about the Beanbag Frens controversy, while us here at the Daily Differ took action as soon as we discovered that art had been violated!

The Daily Differ is shaping up to be a fair competitor in terms of the rapid rate of news provided against LBP Union. The LittleBigPlanet community deserves quick responses to any activity that happens throughout the Imagisphere and the LBP Union is failing to do that! It’s important that the community knows what’s happening, so that the Imagisphere can take action to become a far better place.

Michael Youngling and his associates of the LBP Union might be intelligently intelligent, but in terms of their news providing system, they are SLOWER than the LittleBigPlanet 3 Servers! A lot of madness can happen in a day, a week, a month, and a year! This is an example of what happens when you’re not overwatching the entire Community every day; you end up missing out on plenty of important information! This is why REAL NEWS has to be DAILY! That’s not the only problem Youngling’s business has at bay.

Youngling’s bot, Agent Washington, lacks originality for being GENERICALLY named after the first President of the United States. According to that menacing no-good madman, SilverChuni, his “daughter” Zara wants to work at LBP Union even though she’s something like, TEN years old. I’ve heard from the propaganda-spreading pedestrian that the Union is handing out APPLICATIONS for people of Zara's age.

It’s sick to see how you actually want to hire MINORS and have them associate their lives with LittleBigPolitics! They are children! They’re not smart enough to know that LBP Union is a serious business.

Wait a minute, no, it’s NOT a serious business! If it WAS, LBP Union would be reporting news DAILY, just like yours truly, Thaddeus, over here at the Daily Differ. I bet Nerdyant64 can do better at providing daily news than this old Union. So much for keeping the Imagisphere UNITED when you’re too busy working on Project Lighthouse to even take legal actions against multiple LittleBigPlanet controversies, such as the modded costume skins black market that still lurks within LBP3. If you want to fix the Community, start by addressing the issues before you go off to plan something new.

Anyways, thanks for having me on board for this exclusive article, Michael Youngling, CEO of the LBP Union who should do better to provide news and be actually good at being LittleBigPlanet Politics by addressing illegal activity. I hope you enjoyed my reasonable rant on you and your organization, and I tend to believe that you can do better. No news is boring news, so provide better and more entertaining news before I put you on the news and talk about how LAZY your company is!

Oh, and before you go, I have a little something to share with you. I found rare footage of LBP Union signing a peace treaty with the no-good 2021 server hacker! Scroll down once you’ve watched!