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Hello mate I'm one of Sniper's Brothers! I create Half-Life/Portal/Fallout Levels for all the Sackfolk in LBP3 to enjoy but if you want to you can check out 3 of my BETA LBP Levels here is my PS4 Username "Scafy-Number 2".Check out these people, they made some great LBP2 Levels but sadly they aren't active anymore because of the shutdown of LBP1 an' 2 "JayhunchoXx/Furymin-number2/S-rift/Thooperdooperboy'/ScafYO23 (aka my old account)" and UPDATE: Currently I am making a Half-Life Zombie Survival Level, feel free to give me any ideas for my Survival Level!

Sniper Gaming's Brother

Sniper Gaming's Brother

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