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Hi! I am Toyo a Game Dev and YouTuber! I Love LBP and Undertale, Portal, Dreams etc. I Realy Hope that the LBP Servers are on soon and i Realy like to Programm Games and chill etc with LBP! We even have a LBP Dev Clan named: DreamTeam Productions!

My Socials:

- YT: UC-bYnYjMn5xInrsVoDhZxxA

-YT DreamTeam Productions Channel: UCpzXsu7dMp-wH0wyVDg0Org

- Twitter:

- Instagram:

- Discord: Toyo#7170

- My Dead Discord Server:

- Active Discord Server with Dev Friends of mine and me:



-LBP/PSN: Früher: Oo_Toyo_oO Nachdem Ich Gehackt wurde: Spektral-_-ONAME

-Xbox/Microsoft: Oo Toyo oO

-Nintendo Switch Friend Code: 2875-2362-6605

-Facebook: (Inaktive)

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