Minister of Intelligence

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About the Role

The Minister of Intelligence is a Protector in charge of the LBP Union Ministry of Intelligence. As a Protector, you will oversee operations of the Union Archives and the Union Intelligence Agency. You will be charged with appointing the director of the Union Intelligence Agency and the Director of the Union Archives.

The Minister of Intelligence will strive to work with the Intelligence Ministry to gain valuable insights on data from sources like Google Analytics, Discord insights, Lighthouse usage data, social media, and more. The Minister of Intelligence will also seek to preserve information about LBP community events both past and present, including and excluding LBP clans.

As a Protector, the Minister of Intelligence will help form strategies for the Union alongside the other Protectors, with a focus on your specialized values of information and data.


  • At least 5+ years of experience socially playing LittleBigPlanet online. This means you have spent at least this long interacting with others in the community.

  • A deep interest in data and statistics.

  • Data science experience is preferred.

  • An interest in history, cause and effect, and change over time. The ability to understand and draw insightful conclusions from data and records of events.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Intelligence specializes in data and information relevant to the LittleBigPlanet Union and the LBP community. The Intelligence Ministry maintains the LBP Union Archives, a collection of the Union's historical information. The Union Intelligence Agency is the Ministry's arm for data collection and analysis to understand how the community uses LBP Union services like Project Lighthouse.