Minister of Relations

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About the Role

The Minister of Relations is an LBP Union Protector responsible for overseeing the Union's public image and relations with the community. They will represent the Union in public or delegate other members of the Relations Ministry to do so.

The Relations Minister is responsible for expanding the Union's outreach to others in the community. They are in charge of various teams responsible for outward-focused content creation, such as social media, YouTube, and more.

As a Protector and administrator, the Relations Minister helps make top level decisions alongside the other Protectors with a focus on expanding the Union's reach to keep everyone in the community informed and included.


  • Experience in leadership is required.

  • Effective communication skills through text and voice.

  • Excellent essay-writing, creative writing, or professional writing skills, especially persuasive and correspondent writing.

  • Experience with digital marketing.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Relations is dedicated to expanding the Union's reach in the community and representing the Union in the public eye.