Minister of Security | Protectors

About the Role

The Minister of Security is an LBP Union Protector. The Protectors are the chief administrators of the LBP Union. The Minister of Security oversees the Ministry of Security, which is responsible for overseeing the safety and atmosphere of LBP Union platforms. This currently includes our Discord server and custom LittleBigPlanet game server (Beacon). On Discord, the Ministry of Security encompasses the LBP Union Pathfinder and Peacekeeper teams, which handle community advocacy and moderation respectively. On Beacon, the LBP Union Starguard handles moderation of the game server.

The Minister of Security is responsible for administrating all aspects of LBP Union’s safety and wellbeing. They oversee the Security Office, which is the team of Captains that oversee the Pathfinders, Peacekeepers, and Starguard. This Protector is responsible for making overhead decisions to accomplish Security goals. The Minister of Security will:

  • Organize regular meetings between the Security Office leaders to formulate strategies, stay up to date on recent events and progress, and other needs.
  • Appoint top level Ministry of Security leadership positions such as the three Captains.
  • Provide feedback to Security Office Captains.
  • Attend meetings with the other LBPU Protectors to provide important security insights and collaborate with the rest of the Union.
  • Make critical overhead decisions related to the Ministry of Security.
  • Maintain Ministry of Security administrative tasks such as members and email lists, team communications, Discord role and channel management, Beacon administration, and other administrative tasks as needed.
  • Act as the figurehead of all Security related areas of the Union, providing public announcements and representing the Union for security-oriented announcements and news.

A voice chat interview will be required to be considered for this position.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have an advanced background in security, moderation, community engagement, and LittleBigPlanet. Thus may include community management, a lead moderator role at a large community, a public-facing group leadership role.
  • You must be comfortable in voice chat.
  • The more administrative experience you have, the better. This might include running a larger Discord server, maintaining other group projects, or real world experience.
  • Google Drive or shared cloud storage experience is preferred.
  • Good judgment: be able to make sound decisions in high-pressure situations and be able to think critically and logically.
  • Leadership: should be able to lead and inspire their team, as well as work collaboratively with other Union teams.
  • Communication: communicate effectively with the public, media, and other team members.
  • Integrity: honest, trustworthy, and have a strong sense of ethics.
  • Adaptability: adapt to changing situations and respond quickly to new threats.
  • Strategic thinking: be able to think strategically and develop long-term plans for improving community safety and engagement.
  • Knowledgeable: have a deep understanding of community security issues, including phishing, cyber threats, and raiding.
  • Empathy: should be empathetic towards the needs and concerns of the community they serve.