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USC Star Commander

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Union Space Corps

About the Role

The Union Space Corps Star Commander is in charge of the USC's overall operations and administration. As the highest rank in the USC, the Star Commander role is a primary leadership position in the LBP Union. Its responsibilities are:

  • Overseeing the operations and administration of the Union Space Corps.

  • Creating top level goals and strategies to accomplish the USC's goals.

  • Regularly meeting with the USC Starblazer team to communicate and decide on strategies to achive USC goals.

  • Performing Beacon maintenance actions, administrative tasks (such as creating user accounts and emails for Vita users), and other duties using the Project Lighthouse administration panel.

  • Coordinating with LBP Union Starguard to provide user email addresses (sensitive information) for moderation case communications.

  • Participating in top level LBP Union leadership discussions.

  • Monitoring Beacon's system performance, demographic data, bug reports, and user feedback.


  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Experience with leadership over a team, delegating tasks, identifying team members strengths and weaknesses, and balancing the needs of stakeholders.

  • Experience with the Project Lighthouse administration panel is preferred but not required.

  • You must have a Discord account.

  • Experience with Discord role and permission management and bots are preferred.

  • Organization skills

  • Comfort in voice chat is preferred for team meetings.

  • Responsibility with powerful server administration tools.

  • Experience in protecting user information is strongly preferred.

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