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Create Your Own LBP Union Group!

When we work together, we can do anything! LittleBigPlanet is all about community, so why not play, create, and share with your friends in a group of your own? 

First, before you go on, check out existing LBP Union groups and see if any of them align with your interests!

Also, be sure to create an account! 


Sometimes it's best to start by modeling existing groups similar to the interest that you're going for. Try investigating how they tick to gain some ideas on how to run your group. 

Ask for advice from others on our Discord server. Ask about how their groups got started. Learn from their mistakes, and don't be afraid to make your own.

If your group isn't that much different in interest from an existing organization, consider joining them instead.


Consider the audience of your group. How many people do you expect to join? It depends on what your group is about, how many people you are willing to put the effort into recruiting, and how good you are at member retention. 

If you are trying to make a studio, aim for the small side, then look to grow later. If you are trying to build a new community around a certain interest, try to keep it grounded in a particular activity or interest as a foundation, then expand later. 

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! 


At, you can create an official group for your clan, club, studio, or other organization! Post events, share ideas and messages, and Get It Together! 

Make sure you review the LBP Union's Code of Conduct before you create a group. You will need to also agree not to use the invite feature to add members to your group without their permission. 

To create a group, you'll have to make a request to get admin approval. We will approve most requests! 


If you want members, you need to recruit! Engage your audience with quality content and advertising. Be careful not to be rude or obnoxious. Be polite and positive. If the servers are up, we encourage you to publish a recruitment level which explains the basics of your group and how to join.

Be active in the Union's Discord server and get access to the #broadcast channel. Instead of directly advertising and recruiting for the group, we encourage you to use the server and the channel to announce your group's latest and upcoming events and projects. 

Although the Union Discord server allows limited self-promotion, many other Discord servers do not. Be courteous and respect their rules. Instead of explicitly advertising, lead by example! Show, don't tell. Have your group's creations and actions speak for themselves. Make quality content related to your organization, and share it around. You might get people interested without even asking them. 

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