Peacekeeper Deputy | Discord Moderator

About the Role

Peacekeeper Deputies are basic moderators here on our Discord server. They are capable of purging messages and muting others when necessary. This is an important first step toward learning how to use other moderation tools at our disposal. As a PK Deputy, you’ll learn how to use these tools and how to collect and assign evidence. You’ll work with other Peacekeepers to respond to incidents as they happen. You’ll also work with our Pathfinder team in deterring inappropriate activity.


  • Has been a member of our Discord server for at least three months.
  • At least 15 years old.
  • Strong values in supporting the LittleBigPlanet community and protecting it from spam, harassment, and other toxic activity.
  • Experience with Discord bots preferred.
  • Agile: able to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Analytical: able to quickly navigate our Discord server to find and collect appropriate evidence for every action taken.
  • Compassionate: able to understand context and know when not to make formal moderation action.
  • Available to respond to incidents quickly when needed.
  • Polite and able to support and communicate respectfully with community members.