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A sackboy with unusually large eyes is opened in the popit. a Delete button is shown nearby. The title reads how to remove littlebigplanet mods.

How to Remove LittleBigPlanet Mods: PS3 and RPCS3

Ministry of RelationsJun 8, 20246 min read

Steps and Screenshots Provided by Yuki64, LBP Union Starguard Captain. ‘The Peeper’ mod featured in this article created by @SpacyBeanie Collected some modded items that you don’t want anymore in LittleBigPlanet? It’s Unfortunately not quite as easy as easy as just pressing the delete button. Since modded items can act like base-game materials, stickers, and other resources, the option to delete them simply isn’t there. So, how do you remove…

LBP Reconnected 2024: The Contest Returns!

LBP Reconnected 2024: The Contest Returns!

Ministry of InspirationMay 25, 202411 min read

Our creative contest is back! It’s time to get your creative caps on to get another chance to win a unique prize crown. Let’s dive in and learn more about the LBP Reconnected 2024 contest! Fast Facts! LBP Reconnected 2024…

Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays May 14th, 2024

Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays May 14th, 2024

Ministry of RelationsMay 14, 202410 min read

Welcome back to another round of Team Pick Tuesdays! Here are the best LittleBigPlanet levels the Beacon community has to offer! Missed the Last Team Picks? Read More We Need Your Help! We are looking for sackfolk with game patching…

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