Starguard Specialist | Beacon Moderator

About the Role

Starguard Specialists are moderators on Beacon. They have the ability to issue bans; delete levels, photos, scores, and reviews; disable comments on profiles and reviews on levels; make edits to profiles and levels. As a SG Specialist, you’ll learn how to use these tools and how to collect and assign evidence. You’ll work with other Starguards to respond to incidents as they happen.


  • Has been a member of our Discord server for at least three months.
  • At least 15 years old.
  • Strong values in supporting the LittleBigPlanet community and protecting it from spam, harassment, and other toxic activity.
  • Experience with moderation preferred.
  • Agile: able to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Analytical: able to quickly navigate Beacon to find and collect appropriate evidence for every action taken.
  • Compassionate: able to understand context and know when not to make formal moderation action.
  • Available to respond to incidents quickly when needed.
  • Polite and able to support and communicate respectfully with community members.