Union Space Corps Star Commander | Beacon Administrator

About the Role

The Union Space Corps Star Commander is the leader of the Union Space Corps, the LBP Union Ministry of Technology’s division focused on operating our LittleBigPlanet custom server, Beacon. The Union Space Corps’ mission is to make Beacon the most engaging and fun place to play LittleBigPlanet online beyond the official servers. The Star Commander will oversee the Union Space Corps as it seeks to achieve this goal through the following means,

  • Developing strategies to survey the Beacon community’s opinion, demographics, and other information to improve the game server.
  • Creating tutorials and organizing a team to help answer questions about connecting to Beacon and troubleshooting Beacon issues.
  • Maintaining backend operations such as appropriate deletion and transfer of user data upon request, and assisting users with setting emails if necessary.
  • Cooperating with other LBP Union teams, such as the Creative Works Administration with adding new team picks, assisting Starguard, coordinating with other teams for events, and more.
  • Monitoring Beacon statistics through our Grafana dashboard, which shows day-by-day player count data and other information.
  • Performing more advanced actions with secure shell (SSH) access to the backend of the server if necessary, like updating the server.
  • Organizing private and public tests of unreleased features of LBP Union software.
  • Recruiting, appointing, and promoting dedicated Union Space Corps team members who can assist with the goals of the USC.
  • Administrative tasks like document handling, creating agendas, and organizing meetings.

A voice chat interview will be required for this position.


  • Must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must have an advanced background in LittleBigPlanet online patching and PS3 modding.
  • You must be comfortable in voice chat.
  • The more administrative experience you have, the better. This might include running a larger Discord server, maintaining other group projects, or real world experience.
  • Google Drive or shared cloud storage experience is preferred.
  • Experience with secure shell (SSH) and Linux systems is preferred but not required.
  • Experience handling analytics software like Grafana or Google Analytics is preferred but not required.
  • We are particularly interested in active users of Beacon.
  • You must be part of our Discord server.
  • Experience with active and passive event programming.
  • Communicative: be able to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Collaborative: be able to work well with others and effectively negotiate with various stakeholders.
  • Innovative: creative and open to new ideas. Willing to take risks to drive innovation.
  • Ethical: committed to developing and using technology for the greater good.
  • Good judgement: able to make data-driven and evidence-based decisions.