Ministry of Relations

Building and Maintaining Connections


The Ministry of Relations was first established as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2013 with the refoundation of the Union. The organization’s focus was on communicating with clans outside of Union to encourage them to join the alliance, as well as negotiate with neutral and opposing powers. The most well-known head of the department was Minister of Foreign Affairs CCSocalGamer. 

However, with the focus of the Union turning from clans to the community itself, the ministry has also had to adjust its focus. The Ministry of Relations is focused on the marketing and communication needs of the Union. This includes any efforts the Union makes to maintain communication channels like its blog, email newsletters, YouTube channel, Discord announcements, and social media accounts. 


The LBP Union Scribe team is dedicated to providing written content and translations for the website and other LBP Union projects.

Global Relations Office

The Global Relations Office is dedicated to supporting LBP Union communications on external platforms like social media.