Ministry of Security

Building a Better Community

The LBP Union Ministry of Security’s objective is to maintain a safe, engaging, and sustainable LittleBigPlanet fan community. 


The LBP Union Ministry of Security was first established in 2014 under the first LBP Union Constitution. It was originally headed by Minister of Security SubjectDelta. Its original goal was to help keep member groups in compliance with Union policies.

However, now that the Union has moved past that political era, the Ministry of Security has shifted its focus toward the general community. The Pathfinder program is a progressive effort to engage and inform the community, maintaining a positive atmosphere without moderator action. Meanwhile, Peacekeepers keep the LBP Union’s community safe. 

If you are interested in making a difference in your community by promoting a positive atmosphere, leading community events, and leading by example, consider applying to be part of the Pathfinder program today! 


The LBP Union Peacekeepers are the moderators of our forum, Discord server, and later the official LBP Union Lighthouse custom game server for PlayStation 3 and Vita. The team’s priority is to protect users from dangerous and harmful activity, identify and report serious threats to Discord trust and safety, and enforce rules when necessary. Peacekeepers only take action when necessary, and act in a way that is fair to all users. Read more about the Peacekeeper team in our trust and safety blog post. 


Pathfinders are the LBP Union’s team of community ambassadors and advocates. They help welcome new users to our Discord server and forum, help guide new users to information and resources that they need and help maintain a positive server environment.

Pathfinders help the Union prioritize prevention over moderation, keeping our community a safe and happy place by leading by example. Read more about the Pathfinder team in our community wellness blog post.


LBP Union Starguard are the moderators of our custom LittleBigPlanet server, Beacon. They look out for levels, comments, and other activity that violate our code of conduct.