LBP Union Archives

The LBP Union Archives is a repository of history about the LittleBigPlanet community, LBP clans, and the LBP Union itself. Administrated by the LBP Union Ministry of Intelligence, the LBP Union Archives seeks to record and document the history of LittleBigPlanet organizations, the community, LBP Union’s own projects, and more.

The Archive is currently migrating to a self-hosted MediaWiki instance. The majority of the information currently available can be found on the existing site.

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The wiki has previously focused entirely on LittleBigPlanet clans and the Union’s history. However, the Union has recently been interested in expanding the wiki to also focus on the larger history of the LittleBigPlanet community and modern groups.

Please keep in mind that some documented clans on the wiki may have disturbing content. The Archive makes an effort to flag each of these articles with banners to warn the reader of the content before they continue reading.

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AdministratorsSamuraiEzoiar (Minister of Intelligence), m88youngling (Lead Protector)
PublishedAugust 17th, 2014 (migrating to self-hosted MediaWiki)