Soft Collision

The Soft Collision welcome page on Discord. Join the Discord server to read up to date rules and information about the community, as this image may be outdated.

Soft Collision is a community centered around casual and competitive combat in LittleBigPlanet’s create mode. Creators are challenged to push the game’s physics engine to the limits in a manner similar to speed running and to simply have fun.

Owners: m88youngling, ShadowLeviathan, Salamni

Member Count: 44


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This server has rules in place requiring you to be respectful to others.


This server enforces user privacy. You may not share personally identifying information about others (doxing), and sharing your own personal information is discouraged.


This server bans ‘not safe for work’ content such as pornographic or excessively violent material.

This community does not tolerate piracy or illegal activity.


English is the preferred language of this server. You must write and speak in English to engage with this community.

Staying on Topic

Users are expected to stay on topic by using appropriate text and voice channels. Moderation action may be taken against those who intentionally derail conversations.

Topic Restrictions

This server may restrict certain topics unrelated to LittleBigPlanet such as politics.


Here are some various policies that may affect your membership with this community.

[No Policies Available]

Where there is creation, there is destruction. Soft Collision is a community all about the destructive side of LittleBigPlanet’s create mode. ‘Online Create Battle’ is any gamified way to do combat in create mode. Currently, the most popular set of rules to do this in LittleBigPlanet 2 is called mech battle, a deadly duel between two creators that pushes the game’s physics engine to its limits.

Mech battle challenges creators to solve problems with in-game logic and by taking advantage of various phenomena. Depending on what level of knowledge you have, the gameplay may range from hurling chunks of metal at eachother wildly, all the way to extraordinarily abstract gameplay requiring an array of logic-based sensors.

Community members are encouraged to choose a side that represents their creative expression in Soft Collision. They may choose between the Craftworld Allied Armed Forces (CAAF), representing a more human and recognizable style, and the Darkness Beyond, representing a more alien and esoteric theme from beyond our world.

The community can also declare factions within these sides that represents their specific creative vision. They may declare a faction simply for themselves and their brand, or they might recruit others and work together to build destructive creations and participate in group tournaments.

Soft Collision has ambitions to run contests and tournaments to find the most powerful mech battlers, Craftworld’s greatest strategists, and the Imagisphere’s greatest warriors. Join Soft Collision to expand your horizons of LittleBigPlanet’s physics engine, learn practical logic, and test your strength in Online Create Battle!