Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays April 16th, 2024

Hey, everyone! We’re back with more Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays picks! This is our biweekly series where we highlight the best content our amazing LittleBigPlanet custom server community has to offer.

Beacon Read Only Mode

We apologize for the continued delay in getting Beacon read only mode turned off. We are still awaiting NCMEC service provider credentials. These credentials are needed to enable Cloudflare’s CSAM scanning tool. Without this scanning tool, we aren’t confident that we can appropriately detect and report harmful CSAM content. Thank you for your continued patience. Please dont stop making levels. You can always publish them once read-only mode is turned off!

If you’d like to learn more, please read our official statement about this issue.

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Team Picked Levels This Week

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Factory 22

  • Cinematic
  • Platformer
  • Shooter
  • Retro
  • Paintinator

“Good level! doors need a couple fixes but other than that nice singleplayer level!” – Kittyramp

Sack Hack

  • Challenging
  • Controllinator
  • Intricate
  • Long
  • Puzzler

“Absolutely amazing. Longest I had to think about logic in a level instead of the moon” Rated4Five-OCs

Thank you for taking some time to check out these levels. See you next time for more awesome content from the Beacon community!


Images provided by LBPU Global Relations Office Ambassador LucioChuni.