Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays! February 13th 2024

Hello, sackfolk! We’re proud to announce Team Pick Tuesdays, an event where we’ll choose one or more new team picks on Beacon every other Tuesday. Well, as often as we can anyway! We’ll be periodically choosing some great levels from our LittleBigPlanet custom server that we think everyone should see and enjoy. Let’s dive in and learn more.

Who’s Behind Team Pick Tuesdays?

The brand new Creative Works Administration (CWA) at LBP Union’s Ministry of Inspiration is leading the charge for Team Pick Tuesdays. Headed by Minister of Inspiration Indo2042 and CWA Director CrankyLandlord, the CWA’s goal is to promote creativity and high quality creations on Beacon custom servers.

A message from CWA Director CrankyLandlord in a Discord announcements channel. It reads, Howdy folks,

Just here to announce the very first…TEAM PICK TUESDAY🔥🔥

Starting February 2/13 we’ll drop our first new Team Picks, and then in preceding weeks we’ll continually add to the roster. The gang and I are working on finalizing the calendar as well as some other behind the scenes stuff, but rest assured there will be a much more consistent output of Team Picks going forward.

The only caveat in all this is: most of us here at the CWA are LBP1 and LBP2 players, so at least to start, there’ll be a lot more from those games and few if any from 3 and Vita. In general, we’d love to have more members as we’re a little bit understaffed at the moment, so if you’d like to help you can try applying to join our ranks with the link below

If you’d like to help be a part of the judging and selection process, check out our sign-up form to become a Creative Works Administration Advisor.

Team Picked Levels This Week

Let’s dive right in and take a look at our team picked levels this week. We’re jumping right out of the gate with three great levels you should add to your queue!

Blazing Ballet

  • Perilous
  • Artistic
  • Timing
  • Cute
  • Fiery
A screenshot of Blazing Ballet. Red wooden walls are the backdrop to a fiery platformer.
Image by RustySprinkle

The Outbreak – Act 1 (A)

  • Cinematic
  • Memorizer
  • Retro
  • Short
  • Story

“Nice! Like the custom zombies!” – Nitrox_Sk8r


  • Challenging
  • Creatinator
  • Intricate
  • Platformer
  • Water

“Refreshing design, looks like an LBP1 level taking advantage of LBP2 logic, just like an early LBP2 level from my childhood.” – Quackiner

See You Next Week!

Thank you for checking out this week’s Beacon Team Pick Tuesday levels! See you in a few weeks for another set of awesome levels by the Beacon community!