Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays | March 12th, 2024

Greetings, sackfolk! Welcome back to our Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays! The LBP Union Creative Works Administration (CWA) has curated a fresh selection of levels for your gaming pleasure. Add these to your queue and dive in for more details!

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Team Picked Levels This Week

Here’s the latest picks!

The Sackbot Cooperation Initiative

  • Intricate
  • Platformer
  • Puzzler
  • Sackbots
  • Strategy

“Very cute and clever level. I like how the music changes with each sackbot.” – tax_x_dx

Grab Gulch

  • Artistic
  • Retro
  • Intricate
  • Controlinator
  • Platformer

“The level and concept is nice but on the grabbable elastic ball part, if you pull the first ball too hard onto the right spikes the game will softlock.” – idani135

Enjoy These Levels!

We appreciate you joining us for another round of fantastic levels! We’re looking forward to selecting a new set in the coming weeks. Until then, take care!


Level badges, screenshots, and level descriptions provided by LucioChuni. Thanks for helping choose the reviews to highlight as well!