LBP Reconnected 2: Win a New Contest Crown!

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Hey, sackfolk! We are proud to announce the very first level contest of Project Lighthouse public beta: Reconnected 2! The winners of this contest will be able to win a brand new custom-made prize crown. Let’s talk more about the contest and all the special details.

Hey, sackfolk! We are proud to announce the very first level contest of Project Lighthouse public beta: Reconnected 2! The winners of this contest will be able to win a brand new custom-made prize crown. Let’s talk more about the contest and all the special details.

UPDATE 6/24/23: New Deadline!

LBP Reconnected 2 has a new deadline and a few other details. Here are the updated details as of June 24th, 2023:

  • The new deadline to submit and publish your level is Monday, July 10th.
  • There will be up to 3 runner-up prizes per game. These will include a team pick, credit for image perms on our Discord server which you may use for yourself or someone else, and five extra level slots on Beacon. Main winners will also get these prizes in addition to the Reconnected Crown.
  • We will also give away an exclusive Reconnected Crown sticker as a participation prize, which will be available for a limited time.
  • We will be hosting a Q&A event on our Discord server on Friday, June 30th at 1:00 PM where you can ask questions about your submission and these new changes

Fast Facts

Here are some fast facts about the event:

  • LBP Reconnected 2 is a creative contest for Beacon, LBPU’s public LittleBigPlanet custom server for PS3 and Vita.
  • The contest will run from today May 29th until the end of the day June 30th.
  • Creators are encouraged to submit levels with a theme relating to the return of the LBP game servers for PS3 and Vita.
  • Winners will receive the exclusive LBP Reconnected Crown costume piece.

Read below to learn more about the contest! Read below to learn more about the contest!

A Reconnected History

LBP Reconnected was a contest run by LBP Union in 2021 to celebrate the return of the LittleBigPlanet servers. It was originally intended to be a contest for LBP 1, 2, 3, and Vita titles, but plans were cut short as PS3 and Vita titles were discontinued by Sony that year.

Now, Reconnected returns to celebrate the fan revival of LittleBigPlanet servers on PS3 and Vita with Project Lighthouse. This is all made possible due to our server powered by Project Lighthouse, called Beacon. The server is free to play for everyone!

Contest Details

Reconnected 2 is a creative contest. Participants will create a level that fits the contest’s theme and other criteria and submit it for review throughout the month of June. At the end of the month, we will begin a judging phase on each game to determine the winners.

Winners and Prize

We will choose one level for each LittleBigPlanet game on PS3 and Vita. That means there will be a total of four winners. Each winner will receive a custom-made Reconnected prize crown.

The Reconnected Crown has popit color support!

The Reconnected Crown was first designed by potato farm in 2021 as an imported sticker that was earned by the winner of the contest. However, thanks to Slipsy#6701, a 3D model of the crown was created. The crown was then edited for compatibility and imported by SkylerdaGirl. We’ll have another post coming soon going into more detail about how the crown was created!


Here are some steps that Reconnected 2 creators will need to follow:

  1. Submissions will be judged on how well they fit the contest theme (described below).
  2. Level title should contain the hashtag ‘#Reconnected2’
  3. Complete our submission form at the bottom of this page to help us identify your level.
  4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  5. Your level should have gameplay, it shouldn’t be a movie or gallery.
  6. Avoid submissions that violate Beacon’s terms of service. For example, do not submit copyrighted material.
  7. Level submissions must be completed by end of the day June 30th.


LBP Reconnected was created to celebrate the return of the LittleBigPlanet servers. This contest aims to reflect the launch of Project Lighthouse public beta, allowing fans to play these games online for the first time in over two years on PS3 and Vita.

With that in mind, aim to create a level that reflects one or both of these prompts:

  • Imagine an optimistic future powered by technology.
  • What does LittleBigPlanet on PS3 and Vita being revived by the community mean to you? How did it change your perspective and how did it make you feel?

Project Lighthouse’s name was inspired by the space elevator from Ace Combat 7. A space elevator is a hypothetical structure that would enable easier travel between Earth and our planet’s orbit. To build one would require humanity to work together in ways never seen before. In that same way, Project Lighthouse as a custom LittleBigPlanet server was a project undertaken by the united LBP community to pave way for a brighter future.

A space elevator at sunset in the distance with a jet contrail in the foreground.
The International Space Elevator from Ace Combat 7.

With that in mind, imagine your own optimistic future as the theme of your level for Reconnected 2. Maybe it’s a throwback to the LittleBigPrius partnership level. Perhaps it features space travel. What the future might look like in your level is up to you!

Similarly, also consider what the revival of LittleBigPlanet game servers for PS3 and Vita means to you. Think about how you might impress that onto the player when you create your level. Be as creative and dramatic as you’d like.

A white prius driving through the hillside flanked by windmills
LittleBigPrius’s style had an optimistic, green energy outlook on the future.

Some possible ideas are:

  • A shmup where you clean up space junk to make space travel possible again.
  • Platformer based loosely off the theme of the LittleBigPrius partnership level.
  • Story-based level where you have to escape and clear out evil meanies by restoring power to a futuristic city.


Reconnected 2 will be judged by a panel of creators at LBP Union who will score submissions on several categories:

  • Gameplay: is the gameplay fun and work as expected?
  • Design: how much effort and skill was put into the design of the level?
  • Theme: how well does the level fit the theme guidelines?

It will take some time after June 30th to judge all submissions, so please be patient!

Good Luck, Sackfolk!

We’re super excited to see what you all come up with for Reconnected 2! If you have creative questions, feel free to jump into our Discord server to get advice about your level. A great place to start is the projects channel, where you can share your work in progress screenshots.


What Games Can I Submit Levels for LBP Reconnected 2?

Our contest is for LBP 1, 2, 3 for PlayStation 3 and LBP Vita for PlayStation Vita using our custom LittleBigPlanet server, Beacon. Creators may not submit levels on LBP3 for PS4 for Reconnected 2.

I Don’t Have Access to Beacon Custom LBP Servers. How Can I Participate in Reconnected 2?

You’ll need a way to connect to Beacon custom LBP servers before you can participate in the contest. We recommend following our PS3 patching guide or finding guides for PS Vita and RPCS3 on our Discord server.

How long will Reconnected 2 last?

LBP Reconnected 2 will run from today until the end of the day June 30th, 2023.

I published by Reconnected 2 level. Can I edit it before the end of the contest?

Yes. If you upload your contest entry before June 30th, you can edit it as many times as you’d like. However, please refrain from editing your submission after the deadline, as this may disqualify you.

Can I Submit Multiple Levels for Reconnected 2?

You can but it’s not recommended. You can only submit one level per title. For example, you can only submit one LBP1 level. However, you could potentially submit one LBP1 and one LBP2 level. We strongly recommend that you choose one level and stick to it to make it the best that it can be.

How Closely Should My Level Fit the Theme?

The closer you fit the theme of futurism and some relation to the return of the LBP servers, the more points you’ll receive, meaning you’ll be more likely to win.

Can I Use a Level I’ve Already Made for Reconnected 2?

Please do not repurpose an older level for Reconnected 2. We are looking for original levels that haven’t been seen before.

Can I Work With a Team to Create My Submission?

Yes, but only the level uploader will be eligible to win the contest. Stay tuned for future group contests!

Can I Create a Movie or Gallery?

No, only levels with gameplay will be considered for LBP Reconnected 2. Stay tuned for future events where we will feature movies and galleries! However, cutscenes are allowed!