LBP Union Scare Fair: Contest, Movies, Games, & More!

Hey, Sackfolk! We have a spooky month ahead of us for the LittleBigPlanet community. Let’s celebrate together with these special events all throughout October. Let’s talk about LBP Union Scare Fair!

Fast Facts

  • LBP Union Scare Fair is a collection of spooky events all throughout October.
  • We’ll be watching spooky movies by Speed-Boy-00 and Tawoom every week on our Discord server, leading up to the premiere of their upcoming three-hour horror film!
  • Creators can enter to win prizes by creating super scary levels on Beacon! See restrictions and prizes later in the article.
  • Join us for Spooky Game Nights throughout this month! Join LBP Union team members and other members of the community in playing scary levels, new and old, on Beacon custom servers!

What is LBP Union Scare Fair?

October and Halloween are some of our favorite times of the year. So, we want to celebrate with the LittleBigPlanet community with LBP Union Scare Fair! This is a month-long event featuring a number of different activities. We’ll be watching scary movies on our Discord server, running a contest on Beacon custom servers, and doing spooky game nights on Beacon too!

By running all these different events throughout the month, we’re hoping that everyone will get the chance to take part. Let us know which events you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

Event Calendar

Below you’ll see the up-to-date event calendar for Scare Fair. If events are rescheduled, we’ll inform our community on Discord. However, you can always double check this calendar to make sure dates are correct! Make sure you have October selected to see most of the events.

Beacon Scare Fair Contest Details

A spooky rendition of LBP Union's Godman Keep themed for Scare Fair.

We’re challenging Beacon creators to mastermind the most terrifying levels they can before Halloween October 31st. Judging will wrap up sometime in November. Here’s everything else you need to know:


  • The scarier the level, the better. Since this contest is hosted on Beacon custom servers, you can make levels that aren’t appropriate for the official servers. Blood, violence, psychological horror, and language that works within our word filter are all acceptable.
  • All submissions must contain the hashtag #LBPUScareFair in the title.
  • If your level has sensitive material, you MUST have a CONTENT WARNING in its description informing the player of the sensitive material. For example, if your level contains blood or violence, you need to inform the player in this content warning. If you do not publish a content warning and your level has sensitive material, we will ask you to add one or your level will be disqualified and will be moderated accordingly.
  • The level can be in any format. It can be a playable platformer, a movie, or something else entirely. Focus on the scary experience given to the player.
  • We’re looking for scary levels, not offensive, derogatory or copyrighted levels. Make sure you pay attention to the Beacon Terms of Service. These are viewable while connected to the game server in your settings by clicking on Re-read EULA. Scroll down when you open it to see the TOS.
  • Your level must be original. No plagiarism, reuploads, or remasters are allowed.

As you can imagine, there’s a chance that we might get some submissions that may trigger others due to their content. This is why it’s so important for you to include a content warning in your level’s description. We are still making changes to our Terms of Service as public beta continues, but we believe that requiring content warnings is a great compromise to allow people to create what they want while avoiding having to censor too much content.

How to Enter

To enter the contest, all you have to do is publish your entry with the appropriate hashtag to Beacon before the end of Halloween day.


Judging will be conducted by a committee of LBP Union team members. They will score levels based on the following categories:

  • How scary is the level?
  • How high is the visual quality of the level?
  • How good is the general gameplay or experience of the level?


We plan to choose winners from LBP1, 2, 3, and Vita just like we did with Reconnected 2. Winners of our LBP Union Scare Fair contest will receive a team pick and an extra 5 level slots added to their account. They’ll also receive a unique badge on Beacon’s website and a role on Discord.

Let us know in the comments below and on Discord if you have any questions or need feedback on your project!

Spooky Movie Nights

Throughout the rest of September and October we are getting caught up on all of Speed-Boy-00 and Tawoom’s films in the Elementals series! Once we are all caught up, Speed-Boy and Tawoom will announce the release date of their upcoming new feature-length horror film. We’re super excited to see it! Join us every Sunday on Discord to catch these recap events to get caught up on the series before the premiere! See showtimes above in the calendar section.

Spooky Game Nights

Little did anyone know that the Bite of ’87 took place on Beacon…

Join us during LBP Union Scare Fair in October for some spooky game nights! LBP Union team members and the community are invited to join sessions on Beacon to find and play spooky levels while in Discord voice chat. Come play with us or hop in the voice chat to spectate! Find out when the next game night is with the calendar section above.

We’re Dying to See You This Month!

Ready for LBP Union Scare Fair? We’re looking forward to all of the great events happening this month, and we can’t wait for you to join us in all the fun! Keep an eye on our social media and Discord server announcements for more updates on each of these events. We hope you have fun and enjoy this spooky time of the season!