Union Space Corps Support Specialist | Beacon Support

About the Role

The Union Space Corps is the LBP Union Ministry of Technology’s division focused on operating our LittleBigPlanet custom server, Beacon. The Union Space Corps’ mission is to make Beacon the most engaging and fun place to play LittleBigPlanet online beyond the official servers. The USC’s current primary focus is to provide technical support to people trying to connect to Beacon custom servers. Here are some of the responsibilities of USC team members:

  • Providing assistance for people trying to patch their game on our Discord server.
  • Learning about patching and modding to help others.
  • Beta testing support for future software projects.
  • Supporting events and other operations of Beacon.


  • Must have experience with patching LittleBigPlanet games to custom servers on RPCS3, PS3, or PS Vita.
  • You should be comfortable with talking to others over text chat.
  • Problem solving skills
  • You are good at learning new things like patching
  • Customer service or help desk experience is encouraged but not required.