Imagisphere Wiki

The Imagisphere Wiki, or Knowledge Base, is dedicated to documenting the general and technical details of the LittleBigPlanet series.

Imagisphere is made by the team behind the Imagisphere Discord server, which is focused on unreleased LittleBigPlanet content, game mods and other technical LBP topics.

A screenshot of the Imagisphere Wiki homepage.

Although the wiki is still a work in progress, it’s the first public, self-hosted LittleBigPlanet MediaWiki site that anyone can edit. It will also be the first time that modding resources are made publicly available on the Internet, no Discord server required.

Imagisphere is also behind popular release events, where the community’s leaders unveil restored and uncovered content about LittleBigPlanet such as unreleased debug builds. Recently, Imagisphere unveiled the LittleBigPlanet 2 Pre-Alpha build and have shared numerous example videos of the build on their YouTube channel.

Some unfinished but in-progress sections of the wiki include:

  • Custom content
  • Modding resources
  • Community levels
  • Objects

The Imagisphere Wiki has already done a great deal of work into creating a repository of every LittleBigPlanet level and their prizes as well as documenting each of the games’ logic tools.

If you have knowledge about the LittleBigPlanet games that you’d like to share, whether it be general info or something more obscure, please consider contributing to the Imagisphere Wiki knowledge base to make that information more accessible to the world!

The Imagisphere Wiki logo, a hexagonal sphere planet with the text 'Imagisphere'. The letter i is shaped like the littlebigplanet 1 mushroom tree
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PublishedDecember 31st, 2023
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