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Scare Fair Contest Results: Beacon’s Scariest Levels!

m88younglingNov 10, 20239 min read
Some of the LittleBigPlanet Scare Fair contest levels are shown in the background in thirds.

This past October certainly was a spooky one! We had a total of nine different events last month, including a number of movie nights and…

LBP Union Scare Fair: Contest, Movies, Games, & More!

Ministry of RelationsSep 23, 20235 min read
Scare Fair a Frightening Festival at the LBP Union

Hey, Sackfolk! We have a spooky month ahead of us for the LittleBigPlanet community. Let’s celebrate together with these special events all throughout October. Let’s…

Reconnected 2: The Results Are Finally In!

m88younglingAug 18, 202314 min read
Reconnected 2: The Results Are Finally In!

Good news, everyone! The results for the first contest of Project Lighthouse public beta are in, and we have a lot of great levels to…

Making of the Reconnected Crown: Behind the Scenes

Ministry of RelationsJun 27, 20238 min read
Making of the Reconnected Crown: Behind the Scenes

During the first LBP Reconnected Contest of 2021, an exclusive Reconnected Crown sticker was given to the winner of the contest. This year, for Reconnected…

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