Beacon Team Pick Tuesdays May 14th, 2024

Welcome back to another round of Team Pick Tuesdays! Here are the best LittleBigPlanet levels the Beacon community has to offer!

We Need Your Help!

A rocket flies in orbit of Craftworld. Its first stage boosters detach and fall back toward the planet.

We are looking for sackfolk with game patching and console modding experience to join the Union Space Corps support team! Help other players get patched and connected to Beacon and get recognized the more support threads you close. Learn more and apply now!

Team Picked Levels

Here’s the chosen levels for this week!

Houses and the Lighting Thereof

  • Short
  • Cinematic
  • Platformer
  • Water
  • Funny

“This really light my house!” – Nitrox_sk8r

Infectious Caverns

  • Artistic
  • Musical
  • Shooter
  • Short
  • Platformer

“Really great! Neat concept, great use of lighting, and the boss is a lot more fun now!” – CrankyLandlord2

Thanks for joining us for this round of team picks! We’re looking forward to finding more awesome levels for you to enjoy!