LBP Union Holiday Hearts: Giveaway & Appreciation Event!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, which means that it’s almost time for the first LBP Union Holiday Hearts event. Let’s talk all about how you can get exclusive stickers for the event on LBP3 PS4 as well as how you can participate in the appreciation event on Twitter.

What is LBP Union Holiday Hearts?

This is a Valentine’s Day event with the theme of appreciation. The event will begin on February 12th. There are two parts: the sticker giveaway and the appreciation messages.

Potatofarm Sticker Giveaway

Potatofarm is back with another sticker giveaway! All members of our Discord server who have gotten the Citizen role from our Welcome channel can redeem these free stickers on LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4.

The Holiday Hearts Sticker Pack by Potatofarm

If you would like to get any of these stickers in real life and support the artist, check out Potatofarm’s Redbubble!

Nitro Booster Perks

The full quality sticker sheet will be available as a screenshot for Nitro Boosters on our Discord server. The exclusive “Clive <3’s You” sticker will also be exclusive for Nitro Booster members. Thank you for your support!

The LBP Union Codex

You may be wondering, how is it possible to redeem these stickers if they are only intended for members of our Discord server that have a certain role? That’s impossible…right?

In fact, this is completely possible through the use of the LBP Union Codex! The Codex was created by the LBP Union Minister of Technology ShadowLeviathan. The latest version of the Discord bot, called Codex.NET, was created by R&D Developer SyngletOxygen. Deployment to our VPS was completed by Lead Developer Jvyden.

How to Redeem the LBP Union Holiday Heart Stickers

Here’s how you can redeem the stickers when the event begins on February 12th:

  1. Make sure that you are a member of our Discord server.
  2. Redeem the Citizen role in our welcome channel. Make sure to read the rules and terms.
  3. Go to m88youngling’s profile in LBP3 PS4 and play the Holiday Hearts Giveaway level in single player.
  4. Walk to the bar and follow the prompt. You will see a five-digit code on your screen.
  5. On Discord, type the code that you see into the Codex text channel with the following syntax, “.[code]”. Do not leave the level.
  6. If successful, the Discord bot will return another five-digit number. Type this number into the Codex on LBP.
  7. Enjoy the stickers!

Please keep in mind that you will only have three attempts to enter your code. If you need help, please ask a Pathfinder.

From our Halloween event. The top set of numbers are the numbers you would type into Discord. The bottom row is where you type the solution from Discord.

Appreciation Messages: Send a Holiday Heart on Twitter!

Our theme this month is appreciation, and we’d love for the LittleBigPlanet to share their appreciation in creative ways! More information will be coming soon, but you’ll have options to publicly and anonymously share appreciation with your friends. We encourage you to create something using the stickers from the giveaway and include them as part of your message along with the event hashtag. We’ll have more details coming soon!

Get this envelope in the Holiday Hearts Sticker Pack!

You can create just an image, or even a whole level. You also don’t have to include an image at all! However, our Scribe Team will choose the most creative Holiday Hearts Messages at the end of the event to be recognized here on our website.

Get Ready!

LBP Union Holiday Hearts begins next Saturday February 12th. We still have some things to finish before we can launch the event. The stickers still need to be imported, and the Codex in-game needs to be loaded with the prizes. The giveaway level also is still in progress!

You can prepare for the event by making sure you are a member of our Discord server and have the Citizen role. Have some other LittleBigPlanet friends in mind that you’d like to share your appreciation with as well!

Thank you all for your support, and we hope you enjoy the stickers once they drop!

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