Stickin’ in the Sun: Calling All LBP Artists!

It’s summertime in Craftworld! The cats are changing out of their pajamas and into their swim trunks. Sackfolk across the vacationverse are catching some waves and listening to their favorite tunes on the beach. For you inspired artists out there looking to get creative this summer, we have a special challenge for you. It’s called Stickin’ in the Sun. Let’s talk about this sticker contest, how you can contribute, and all the fun things in store over the next few weeks!

A July 2022 Sticker Contest

Stickin’ in the Sun is a sticker creation contest hosted by the LBP Union. From now until July 23rd, you can submit any number of fun summer-themed stickers of your creation for the event. Here are the juicy details,

  • After the event ends, we will choose 5-10 of the best stickers and include them in an official LBP Union giveaway for the entire community to enjoy! (With credits to you, of course!)
  • Chosen stickers will get featured here on our website with links back to your artist page or social profile.
  • Stickers that are submitted (including non-winners) may have the chance to be used in a future secret project of ours 👀

We can’t share details on that secret project just yet, but we’ve got something special in store for you. (Hint: it’s related to Project Lighthouse!)

Special Thanks

This event wouldn’t have been possible without an awesome and super talented friend of mine, potato farm! I’ll let her take it from here.

Hey y’all, I’m potato farm. I was the event artist for the Spooky Stickers and Holiday Hearts stickers giveaways that we hosted here at the Union! I really wanted to help out with Stickin’ in the Sun because of how wonderfully creative the community is, and I wanted you guys a chance to shine…plus I just really want to see someone else’s art. I am an artist and an art enjoyer, after all.

Before you go and show me just how bad my own art is, there’s a few things you should know.


Listen. Importing into LBP is weird, and if you want your art to be featured and look good, you’re going to need to know a few things first. There’s a guide below on what you should follow.

Content restrictions

To make things clear, submissions containing the following won’t be accepted.

  • Explicit content (NSFW, sex, violence, you know)
  • Hateful messages
  • Slander
  • Political messages

To be eligible, your sticker(s) should be related to summer in some way as well. Some ideas may include, but are not limited to: ice cream, bugs, the sun, bikes, plants, etc.

Please don’t only send in these things though. I will be a sad potato of you do, and we don’t want a sad potato.

File Settings

File settings. Daunting, but easily fixable if you change them before you get started. These are the setting recommendations that I suggested.

“We would love to import winning stickers into LBP3 PS4. We also would love to import stickers onto LBP PS3 titles to enjoy on custom servers like Project Lighthouse. However, the image import tool from LBP1 can be a bit tricky to work with!” – Michael Youngling, 2022

You’ll need to check the following settings:

  • Keep the DPI below 150. The fewer colors you use, the better.
  • Your file size must be smaller than 12 mb to be considered.
  • Send in your file as a .png.

You can make your image dimensions whatever size you please, but don’t be that guy.

Style Tips

There’s a few things to keep in mind with the style of your sticker(s).

One of the most important things to note is that your sticker shouldn’t ‘glow’. I know, I’m heartbroken too, but this causes problems with the image import tool. If you are making a transparent image, make sure that you clean up artifacting. These are the little bits that can muddle up the image. Generally, look around the outside of your subject and see if there’s anything that shouldn’t be there.

Work with a single idea, rather than making an entire scene. Also, don’t leave the background white. You can either make it transparent or do something creative with the background. You don’t want it to be like the light mode of Discord. This excludes a dye cut outline. You’re on thin ice, but it’s fine if you do so.


Here’s an example to help you get a better idea of what I mean:

The original version of the Reconnected Crown had too many colors. There were also glowy bits that ‘bled’ into the transparent area of the image. That causes some serious jank when importing. You can see how the image evolved a bit in the final version.

Things to Note

Here are some important bits of information that I didn’t know where else to put!

All the images in your sticker must be connected. Don’t make transparent images where two or more things are floating without being connected by something. Be creative and bring out your unique style. You can make it look however you want. I want your art to look different from everyone else’s. That’s what makes it fun!

Keep in mind, we are limiting submissions to up to 10 stickers per person. If you have more ideas, don’t.

Oh, and, by the way: if you steal art, I will know >.> …

Naming and Submitting

I am also getting tired of listening to me rant. So, these are the last few things you’ll need to know to make Stickin’ in the Sun a breeze for you and for me:

Naming and submitting file names should use your discord username and the image number. for example: this is my 4th image i've submitted. potato-farm-04.png You will submit entries to the Google Drive listed on and fill out the form in the folder.

When you submit, use your Discord name and then the image number. If the sticker you’re submitting is the 4th image you’ve submitted for the contest, the image number will be 4. So, for example, a proper image name would be ‘potato-farm-04.png’

If you don’t use Discord, you can still participate! There is a field on the form where you can include an email address for us to contact you. (Thank Michael for this. My brain melted at this point and I totally forgot.)

You can find that fancy submission form here or in the embed below! (✿^‿^)


Good Luck!

I am so excited to see what you all come up with. As an Experienced Artist, I will be helping doing the judging, so I will get to see everything that you all make! Just take your time and show us what you can really create. Stickin’ in the Sun is to help celebrate your creations.

thank you all who participate! winners will be announced son. if your art doesn't get chosen...just wait!

And remember, if you don’t know what something means, you can look it up or ask someone who should know. It’ll help you learn in the long run!

Good Luck!

After the contest ends at the end of the day July 23rd, we will take some time to review submissions and announce winners at some point after that here on our website and on social media. Thank you for making our community great! We’re excited to see what you have in store!

Want to share what you’re planning to create? Have some work to show the community already? Share a comment down below!

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