PlayStation 3 Update 4.91 Released: What it Means for You

Sometime before 4:00 AM EST, PlayStation 3 update 4.91 was released. As a result, anyone playing on LittleBigPlanet custom servers using a PS3 and PlayStation Network won’t be able to play online unless they update. Here’s everything we know about the update and what you should do next.


What is PlayStation 3 Update 4.91?

The PlayStation 3 is an 18-year-old console! Despite that, Sony continues to publish yearly updates. According to PS3 hacking scene website PSXPlace, the updates over the past few years have primarily been to add new Blu Ray keys to the console so it can play the latest Blu Ray movies.

A PS3 screenshot showing a page that says the latest update data was found. Version 4.91
The splash screen for the new PlayStation 3 update 4.91 release.

What This Means for LittleBigPlanet Custom Server Players

Whenever Sony releases an update for a console, they prevent you from connecting to PlayStation Network until you have updated the console to the latest version. If you are playing LittleBigPlanet custom servers on PS3, you have to be using custom or hybrid firmware like Evilnat or HEN. As of the writing of this article, 4.91 custom and hybrid firmware doesn’t exist.

Did You Know?

  • Hybrid firmware (HFW), like Homebrew Enabler (HEN) is a modified firmware for PlayStation 3 that operates like a normal PS3 when not enabled. However, once enabled, you can run modified applications like a modified version of LittleBigPlanet that can connect to custom servers.
  • Custom firmware (CFW) is also modified firmware for PlayStation 3, but it’s much more advanced. You don’t have to enable its features, they are always on. The most popular CFW is Evilnat.

Therefore, to play online with your PS3 properly on LittleBigPlanet custom servers, you’ll have to wait for homebrew developers to create the necessary custom or hybrid firmware compatible with version 4.91.

How Long Will It Take?

We don’t know how long it will take, it’s entirely dependent on the developers who work on custom and hybrid firmware. Last year and the year before, Evilnat CFW was released about a week or two before new HFW and HEN, so it’s possible that CFW will be available before HFW.

What You Can Do in the Meantime

You have a few options in the meantime while new HFW and CFW are developed:

  • Wait until new CFW/HFW are released.
  • Don’t update to 4.91
  • Attempt to spoof 4.91 to connect to PSN (not recommended).
  • Use RPCS3 and RPCN to connect to LittleBigPlanet custom servers.

Wait and Don’t Update

We highly recommend that you wait for new CFW and HFW. LBP Union is monitoring the situation carefully to see when new modified firmware becomes available. Once it is, we’ll update our tutorials on how to connect to Beacon and post tutorials on how to update properly.

A PlayStation 3 XMB screen showing the HEN icon. You should wait until a new version of HEN is released for PlayStation 3 update 4.91
Homebrew Enabler (HEN) is one of the most popular ways to use modified games like LittleBigPlanet in order to connect to custom servers.

If you attempt to update to PS3 firmware update 4.91 released by Sony, you will lose access to your modified features. For example, if you modified your version of LittleBigPlanet to connect to custom servers, updating to 4.91 will mean you won’t be able to boot your copy of LBP anymore. You also won’t be able to downgrade to 4.90 to play the game again.

If you accidentally updated and can’t open LittleBigPlanet but really need to, here is what you should do:

  • Wait for new CFW and HFW to release so you can access the game again.
  • Delete all your game data in game data utility and reinstall the game’s updates. This will erase your currently loaded LBP profile, so don’t do this unless you’re sure you have everything backed up!

Attempt to Spoof PlayStation 3 Version 4.91 to Connect to PSN (Not Recommended)

It’s possible to spoof PlayStation 3 version 4.91 using WebMAN mod, a popular homebrew tool used for various PS3 network features. What this does is it makes your PS3 pretend that it’s a different software version than it really is. This can allow you connect to PlayStation Network again without having to update. However, although unconfirmed, it’s possible that this could lead to greater risk of a PSN or console ban. If you understand the risks and want to try the spoof, there are some details on this PSX-Place post.

Use RPCS3 and RPCN to Connect to LittleBigPlanet Custom Servers

Thankfully, the RPCS3 emulator is always unaffected by new firmware updates by Sony for the PS3. Since RPCS3 uses its own network called RPCN, you can continue to play LittleBigPlanet custom servers without having to do anything fancy. If this is an option to you, try playing on RPCS3 for a while until new CFW/HFW releases for PlayStation 3 update 4.91.

Get Updates on HFW/CFW 4.91 Releases

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Image Attribution

Featured image background by By Declan Jewell from Stevenston, Scotland – PS3 Controller, CC BY 2.0.